Passion (Fallen)

Passion  - Lauren Kate I was pretty excited about this book when I got to the end of Torment (which is appropriately named). To be able to go back to Luce's past and visit her old incarnations! The possibilities are endless! I eagerly ordered it near the date and very happily received it two days ahead of the release day. Did it live up to my expectations? Yes, yes it did! This is easily the best in the series so far and so much more than I was hoping for. Once you get past the prologue which bored me to death, anyway. When you first meet Luce she's just left the garden and has been thrown right into Moscow, in 1941. I loved how unusual the locations were. There were some usual ones butthe majority were really different, from Tibet to Mesoamerica. All the settings were described brilliantly and I loved wandering around various scenes in history. A new addition to the book: instead of bonus chapters of Daniel's thoughts, he frequently gets a voice in many different chapters, which was really needed for this story. It was fun seeing where he was and comparing it to where Luce was. Poor thing, he kept turning up too late. I enjoyed watching Luce's past incarnations, seeing how different (and how similar) they were to Luce. There were a couple that where I couldn't understand why Daniel fell in love with her again but that's soulmates for you. I hope this isn't a spoiler (stop reading if you want to avoid it) but I was really curious about the peonies that keep popping up in the storyline. I wonder if they're important. I'm probably just grabbing at straws.