Camille - Tess Oliver After reading this, Tess Oliver pretty much became my favourite Author. Her writing is beautiful and compels you to read more of Camille's story and for once, I even enjoyed the romance! Camille, isn't your typical 19th century heroine, I mean, she fights werewolves for a living! She's not really used to men, just Dr Bennet, so when she meets a strange boy who needs her help and finds herself attracted to him, she is understandably confused. Nathaniel, the boy in question, is a bit of a flirt. Okay, a lot of a flirt. He reminds me of The Artful Dodger in Oliver, only older and wiser. Naturally he's not used to romance either and hasn't had feelings for a girl the way he feels for Camille, so watching them slowly try and figure out their feelings and emotions as they fall in love. When you get to the end of this story, you will be wanting a sequel. I know I was when I first read it and said so in my review. Well, due to the amount of requests she's had (mine being the first *happy dance*) she is working on one! I'm really looking forward to it.