Bitterroot Crossing

Bitterroot Crossing - Tess Oliver This is the weirdest love story I have ever read. It's also one of the most hilarious. Some of the scenes that occur are just plain silly, but in a good way. I was nearly on the floor after reading about Jessie falling over and Zedekiah and Nick arguing about who had caught her. 'Zedekiah squinted at Nick. 'Where'd you learn a move like that, boy?' 'Apparently it's a trait I inherited from my great-great grandpa, which would be you, you dolt.' Jessie: 'Excuse me, but pudding is dripping onto my boot.'' Admittedly when I learnt that the whole town was being haunted by a gang of outlaw ghosts I was a bit like... okay then... would this work? But it does! Nick and Jessie's relationship blossoms more due to the situations they are put into by the gang and that helps move the story along. Tess' writing is as awesome as before (when I read Camille) and I thoroughly enjoyed this story. There was one of two mushy bits that were a bit blaa for me and I don't think the Author owns a cat - contrary to popular belief, never give a cat or kitten milk. They'll get diarrhoea. Also confused about the pricing - Camille is 70p, Safe Landing is 71p but this book is £2.14. Not complaining, still super cheap and I'd pay a lot more!