Low Red Moon (Low Red Moon (Quality))

Low Red Moon - Ivy Devlin Although this followed a similar YA formula (girl's parents die, she meets a hot guy, madness ensues) I found I enjoyed this much, much more than other similar YA books. I think this was partly due to the writing style, which flowed really well, I quickly lost myself in it and also because of the plot, which concentrated mostly on Avery's parents deaths, instead of her boyfriend. There was plenty of romance but at appropriate times and it wasn't smothering the plot, which I really appreciated. I also loved the setting. There wasn't much said about the town, which was tony anyway but plenty of descriptions of the woods, making the plot mysterious and suspenseful. It was also a perfect setting for the wolves, although there were only ever two wolves mentioned in the entire story, a lot of the time they were just there as an idea, howling away in the distance. I love Avery's name. There needs to be more girls called Avery, it just isn't used enough! She was a great character and I could almost feel what she was feeling while she was trying desperately to remember what happened to her parents that night. I liked Ben's character too, who also has a dark past. His werewolf side isn't shown many times, it's more about his struggle to deal with that side of him while he's in love with Avery. Couple of extra things that don't affect the review: I received this from Bloomsbury and then spent about half an hour on Twitter complaining about it. Why? It smells really bad. Like sheep's lungs or something. I don't know who the printers are but someone needs to fix that. Also, I liked that there was a new colour other than your usual black: red. There two pages of an illustration of some trees, done in red and the chapter headers, page numbers and the word moon are all printed in red too! There's also a little drawing of a couple of trees at the bottom of the page, which I think is a nice touch.