Need (Need #1) - Carrie Jones I used run screaming from anything to do with Fae, unless Holly Black wrote it. I hadn't found anything that interested me, unless she wrote it. Until I read Need. Just to make this clear, whoever designed this cover needs to be slapped. It's one of the worst cover's I've ever seen and it really creeps me out. I love the story however so it's all good as long as I don't have to look at it too much. I love that Zara's a hippie. You don't get enough Hippie girls in books. Weres and Pixies after I've posted my Urgent Appeal letter! I love it. The plan didn't work out well but it was hilarious all the same. I cracked up when she started yelling about Were-Bunnies. I liked her character from the beginning which is unusual for me, I usually find them annoying at first. I think it was partly because she's a part of Amnesty International. I'm more of a Greenpeace girl myself. Saving sharks from becoming tuna and all that jazz. I actually liked the love interest! A certain blogger will love me for this. Usually I'm quite picky but Nick was a really good character and actually fit in with the story instead of just being there or having the story centred around him. I liked that his and Zara's relationship was there but not really full on and heavy like in other books. Usually I feel like I'm suffocating with it. When you start the book it might feel a little like Twilight but I didn't notice that until a review pointed it out. Sure, Zara's mom has packed her off to a small town but I honestly didn't notice any Twilight references as the plot is a lot stronger and the characters aren't cardboard. I found the Stephen King references fascinating (although one does wonder if there are any Vampires in his books? I think not). Of course, she's going to Maine so that's an obvious one. I also picked up the quote as soon as I saw it, which I wanted to pat myself on the back for. There's a few clich├ęd moments in this and moments where you go 'I knew it!' but that's to be expected after all. I'm curious to see how the plot develops in the next book as this could quite easily have been a stand-alone.