Flash Gold (a steampunk novella set in the Yukon) (The Flash Gold Chronicles)

Flash Gold (Flash Gold Chronicles #1) - Lindsay Buroker I really enjoyed this book. Although it's a short story I really got into it, everything was well written and descriptive and I could imagine all of the scenes in my head. It's set in Yukon, in the Gold Rush era, a subject I'm pretty curious about. I particularly liked the addition of many Steampunk gadgets and contraptions, particularly the guard dogs! Kali's ambition is really inspriring and her character overall is really likeable. Her father died a while ago, leaving behind 'Flash Gold' which as far as I can tell, is basically gold fuel. Kali wants to win the dog sled race so she can get the hell out of Moose Hollow and actually make something of herself but first she has to win the race - with many enemies afoot. I also loved Kali and Cedar's relationship - it worked really well and I thought that they were really cute together. Despite her trust issues after already being betrayed by a past lover, I could see she was really starting to like Cedar and he looked after her. He's very handy with a gun! I would really like to read more adventures about these two and hopefully they'll get together too! I'm definitely very hopeful that I'll be able to read more about this story. No more has been written yet but I'm defnitely hopeful that something will be, as te end of the novel is left wide open for a sequel. Need anymore persuading to read this amazing steampunk story? It's rating on Goodreads is 4.21 - the highest I've ever seen a book rated on there.