Released - Megan Duncan I would usually watch a movie of this kind of idea - apocalyptic future where demons (no zombies here (I think), sorry zombie fans) have invaded and a kick ass chick with weapons, her brother his friend head to New Mexico to find a military base, making friends and enemies along the way. Abby is an awesome main character. She's tough, knows her guns but you know she's got the softer side of her too and she has quite motherly instincts towards Taya. I liked that she got on with things instead of expecting the guys to do everything for her. She's still grieving after the loss of her father and that shows in places through the book. I loved this book. It's quite a quick read and I devoured every page. I'm not hoping to be able to buy a physical copy and the sequel. The story is quite action packed but not rushed, it's nicely paced and Megan writing really works with it, no huge descriptions, straight to the point. There's lots of suspense too and I was reading frantically, wondering if Abby and her family would make it to their destination. The romance between Abby and Max is well written and really sweet but not heavy, it's more of a sub-plot in the book. I did find myself wondering if they would have dated if the demons hadn't of turned up, as in a situation like theirs, these things tend to happen. I'd like to think they did. I also really liked Taya's character. She's smart, knows how to look after herself but still shows her younger side, which is what Abby needs, as Abby's still a teenager herself. I think the trio really needed a tough little sister to look after (even if she insists she doesn't need looking after!) and she really fits the part, I love her. It would be awesome if in the next book there's a scene where Abby shows Taya how to clean guns and stuff. If you buy this book for any reason (and I hope you do!) at the very least buy it for the cover. This is a self published book and whoever created that amazing cover needs a pat on the back. I'm desperate to see it on my shelf!