Between - Cyndi Tefft When I started this book, I found it quite surreal. Lindsay dies but instead of going to Heaven like she's supposed to, she meets the guy who's supposed to be taking her there and they fall in love. I quite fell in love with him too, he was just perfect, all Scottish and manly. Not the best description I've ever given! When I say surreal, I mean surreal. I was thrown into this really bizarre world, which started out as a giant field, with this dead chick and a hot Scotsman. After this, they took me to various points in time - Paris and Scotland in the 1700's and Lindsay's time, visiting the Opera and (I think) a Sea World center. I was kinda blindly following them about, oohing at the battling Scots and falling asleep at the Opera (it's an Opera. I do not find these entertaining). Although I loved Aiden's character there were a few times when I wanted to slap him, particularly when he says that Lindsay is talking like a whore. I understood hi difficulties, being from a different time zone but it still made me mad at him! Lindsay's character is really likeable too and really heartbreaking at times. I really connected with her character and it felt like I understood what she was going through. This is an older YA book, there is sex in it, although not in detail. The romance is pretty heavy, so don't read it for the time travel bits. Also, God is a pretty big subject but it really works with the story. I definitely can't wait to read the sequel!