A Season Of Transformation

A Season of Transformation - Lauren Murphy, Jayne Fordham I really enjoyed this story. I loved how defeating Maxdale wasn't overdone and the plot mainly focused on the teens relationships with each other. I also liked that they were all from different backgrounds and wouldn't have talked to each other if it hadn't have been for their powers but they then became really close friends. I was pretty sad when it ended and I'm still missing the characters now, particularly Bobbie. There were a couple of issues with this book. The main one being grammar. There was a distinct lack of commas when they were needed and the author really needs to work on third person narrative. It was a bit painful at times but the plot really made up for it. The main character in this Makenna, or Mak. When the book focuses on her it's in first person narrative but switches when showing a different characters point of view. I would have prefered a first person narrative for the other guys as well because apart from the grammar, it just felt weird. As I said earlier, I really liked the focus on the teens relationships. I loved Bonnie's character (although I cringed everytime I heard the word Gothic, as they're general just caled Goths) and I would have liked to have seen the story from her point of view a lot more. Makenna's relationship with her bitchy mother was interesting to read about, and pretty funny at times too!