Allison Wonderland

Allison Wonderland - Diana Caporaso I decided to start reading this last night. Unfortunately I read the entire thing on my Kindle app without stopping so when I finished the book I had a rather large headache! The story itself is very, very heavy for a short book. It covers drugs, drinking, incest, rape, self harm, suicide, pregnancy, sex, paedophillia, eating disorders, you get the idea. Allison first meets Jeremy outside of school and the effect it has is similar to a car crash. She quickly spirals into a pattern of drug taking, self harm and Bulimia. I think this is partly because she wants Jeremy's attention and partly because she knows she can - her parents never notice her. She just gets worse and worse throughout the book, I think she's always been depressed due to her parents but after meeting Jeremy it really hits her how much her parents don't care. Jeremy himself is a very messed up character. He messes Allison around a lot, saying he can't love her one moment and telling her he lives her the next day. He also is very short-tempered and easily jealous, he hates any guy talking to her. Zoey is on the same downward spiral that Jeremy is, she's very messed up but continues her schooling because she wants to get away from her hometown. Despite the heaviness of the story, I really enjoyed reading it (well, I read the entire thing in one go, so of course I did!). The situations that Allison finds herself in feel very realistic and the writing style is brilliant, not one I'd expect from an Indie author. I don't think I found one spelling mistake in any part if it. It's also very cheap too - just 70p for the eBook on the Amazon UK site. If you do choose to review it, please pop by Goodreads - I believe there's only one other review on there!